Jim's Graphics Pages

After spending many years as a Unix Sys. Admin., in 1995, after getting my Masters in Comp. Sci. at George Washington University, I went into Computer Graphics. This page shows off a bit of my graphics work.

Work Stuff

My current day job is at NASA Goddard Space Flight center, in the Scientific Visualization Studio. We do lots of animations here, mostly in Maya/Renderman and Lightwave. Over the years I've done a few that I like quite a bit and I've put them up here for all to enjoy. I'd put up more, but I'm up against my storage limit for now.


I've done a little bit of work that was used on stage. Some examples are here.


This is a collection of my renderings of Larry Niven's Ringworld. I did these starting in 1995, as a project for a class. Over the years I've tinkered with them from time to time. The Ringworld is a challenging subject for rendering, but that just makes it fun!


All of my Ringworld stuff was done with Larry Gritz's excellent Renderman based Blue Moon Rendering Tools. Sadly, these tools are no longer available.

A Note on Gamma Correction

All of my images here assume that your display is gamma corrected. If it isn't, the images will appear too dark. This is especially noticeable in the star fields. You can try turning up the brightness and/or contrast on your monitor, or better yet, find an image viewing program that knows about gamma. The JPEG compression also does a number on the starfields, alas.